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Wildest Limo Ride A La Fuck Team 5

Video language: English

Today s Fuck Team 5 featuring Ashley Adams, Jane Wilde, and Ryan Conner is nuts! This is a full actionpacked episode that can t be missed. The girls start out talking about how they want dick and play with themselves before they ride out to get some random guys. They find and bring some construction workers inside the limo where the girls start having their way with them. Two of the guys leave when things get spicy but the other two get their cocks sucked and fucked. Watch these pornstars go completely crazy until the guy s cum.

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Marc Fucks Aiden and Ashley

Release Year: 2012
Genres: Anal/Oral/Vaginal Sex, Bareback, Blow Job, Cumshots, Facial
Video language: English

Aiden, Marc and Ashley jump into action when Pete asks who in the room is ready to fuck. They aren’t kidding about being ready – and it turns out to be one of the hottest bi tags in a while, when Aiden cums twice, once fucking Ashley and once getting fucked by Marc! Marc and Ashley start out by focusing their attention on Aiden. Ashley kisses him while Marc kisses his nipple. Marc and Ashley make out while rubbing Aiden – and Aiden goes right for Marc’s underwear-covered cock! When Marc and Ashley both attack Aiden’s super-sensitive nipples with their mouths, Aiden is in ! “Sexy body,” Marc says as he kisses Aiden. “Look who’s talking!” Aiden says, and compliments Marc on his incredible back. Ashley pushes Marc onto that well-muscled back and kisses him. Aiden plants his lips onto Marc’s nipple, then kisses him, while Ashley runs her tongue up and down Marc’s shaft. Aiden takes a turn sucking Marc, and Ashley goes down on Aiden. The three move into a daisy-chain, with Marc blowing Aiden, Aiden eating out Ashley and Ashley sucking Marc. The threeway oral goes on for a while, until Aiden sits up and stuffs his big cock into Ashley. Marc feeds her his dick as well. Ashley whimpers, her mouth and pussy filled with cock. She squeals as Aiden pulls out and blasts a load on top of her. Aiden kisses Marc and shoves his dick back into Ashley. Marc massages her tits as Aiden pounds her. Marc switches places with Aiden, so he can fucks Ashley while she sucks Aiden. He climbs on top of Ashley, and Marc pulls out of Ashley to slides his cock into Aiden. Marc fucks Aiden, who kisses Ashley’s tits and eats her out again. Marc thrusts in and out of Aiden. Aiden moves onto his side and Ashley holds one of his legs up so Marc can shove his cock in deeper. She encourages Marc to fuck him hard, while she plays with Aiden’s nipples. Aiden blows another load, all over his ripped abs. Ashley tells Marc to keep fucking him. She squeezes every drop of cum out of Aiden’s cock. Marc pulls out and blasts his load into Aiden’s mouth. Aiden sucks Marc dry. Whew! I’ve got to find out what Aiden eats to generate so much cum all the flipping time!

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Duration: 19:31
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21 year old Goldie is Into The Attic

Genres: Bondage, Busty, string
Video language: English

Things start off with Goldie standing in the middle of the room fully dressed. She looks cuter each time she comes out to see us. This time was no exception; wearing little shorts and a small, tight top with her hair fixed in yet some new style, again. She's told to undress. We watch her strip down and see she has some sexy panties and bra underneath. After she's naked she's thrown a ball gag, a big one, and told to gag herself with it. I warn her it better be in tight. Once gagged she's told to pick up the bottle of Karo syrup and get into the bucket sitting next to her. Then she's told to pour the syrup over her head. When she isn't getting enough volume out of the bottle I step in and help her with it. I squeeze the container and make the syrup out in a massive quantity, in her hair, over her head and down her face and shoulders. Then she's told to smear it over the entire surface of her body. When I see that she is missing her asshole I have her turn around, bend over and smear the syrup all over that poop chute. Then I grab an ass hook and shove it in there, tying it off at her neck. Oh my god, that syrup is sticky. Next I have Goldie get into the Clear Cage which has been hanging off the ground behind her. Once inside I have her squat down into it. Then I dump a bag full of down feathers inside the cage and over the top of her head. Once the lid is closed and secured she's told to act like the agitator of a washing machine and spread those feathers all around. Again, noticing that asshole needs further attention in spite of the hook stuck in it, she's told to press her asshole against the glass so we can see it better. Then I tell her to grab a handful of feathers and stick them to it. Like a chicken ass. Um, I think we just tarred and feathered a, um, Goldie. After totally objectifying her in the cage she's told to get out. Get out so I can put her into a strappado. With the ass hook still stuck up her bum I brought her elbows and wrists together and then cinched those up high to the ceiling. This brought her upper body down toward the floor as her wrists are pulled up. Her ankles are then tied outward and in place. She's drooling massively out her giant red ball gag. A poignant feather stuck right on the center of the gag itself. She is so absolutely covered in feathers you can't even tell who it is. Oh my, she is a mess, what with sticky syrup all over her, globs of slobber running out her face hole and her body covered in white down feathers. I start a conversation with her once she's bound into place. Checking in I ask her how she's been. At the same time I pour a wad of Karo syrup over the Hitachi and then rub it in a big pile of down feathers. When I pulled it back out it looked like a scepter of The Grand Chicken Lady. Once that featherized Hitachi hit that feather coated pussy she lost her marbles. I kept trying to have a conversation with her, talking to her, but she just couldn't talk back. I told her I didn't care about the ball gag and kept the Hitachi running but she wasn't able to communicate. She just kept having her knees want to give out on her as she tried grunting and mumbling out some incoherent response. So I tied a string around her neck and tied that off to the ceiling. That should hold her. Then she's flogged and vibbed off until she begs for it to stop.

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Duration: 49:10
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Zara Ryan, Annabel Harvey

Cast: Zara Ryan, Annabel Harvey
Genres: Gagging, Deepthroat, Rough Sex, Group, Hardcore, All Sex
Video language: English

We have two hotties, Annabel the blondie and Zara the redhead one. scene starts with the usual trash talking to the girls and the camera guy making them slap and spit at each other. they start getting face fucked but it doesnt take long for the guys to fuck them, they get to a point where annabele literally pukes on zara's face, then she freaks out and starts shouting, i guess thats their keyword to pause the cock storm. Theres another part where the cameraman remembers Annabel how shitty and fucked up was her life with her family and she starts crying desperately, its funny as hell though. scene keeps going with lots of rimming, spitting, slapping, licking, a fucking strapon and all the sex positions you can imagine. scene ends with a facial and the bitches talking for a bit. Zara is a fucking slut i gotta say, enjoy!

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Duration: 36:53
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Tiffany Watson, Nina North

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

Tiffany Watson is on the phone pleading with her date to call her back. She put a lot of thought into today's activities and can't believe she got ditched. When her , Nina North, sees her in such a state of disarray, she waits until she hangs up the phone and then asks her what's wrong. Tiffany has been on the phone the last hour trying to find where the hell her date is. Nina can't believe that a girl so beautiful would get treated this way. Tiffany was really looking forward to the dance and now she can't go. Nina is doing her best to console Tiffany but is secretly happy because now she can spend the day with her. The way she sees it, if this guy doesn't want her, she'll take her off her hands. When Nina asks her who her date was, Tiffany doesn't want to tell her. Nina assures her that she can keep a secret. Tiffany agrees to tell but has her pinkie promise to keep it between them: her date was actually a girl. Nina's mouth drops to the floor; she never knew Tiffany was into girls. Nina has a confession of her own - she's also into girls and has been for a long time. When the girls agree to keep this to themselves, it's pretty clear that they're not just talking about their respective secrets. And when their eyes interlock and finally they kiss, they spend the day exploring each other's bodies.

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Duration: 43:34
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Sexy petite ebony knows to fuck

Cast: Harley Dean
Genres: Amateur, Big Ass, Black, Blowjob, Brunette, Cumshot, Ebony, Facial, Handjob, Hardcore, Natural Tits, Small Tits
Video language: English

Love me some Brown Bunnies! There's something about a chick with caramel complexion that really turns me on. That's exactly why I chose Harley Dean to be featured on today's update. Harley Dean is sexy and has an awesome personality. She has all natural tits and a juicy ass. Rico Strong thought so as well. He buried his face in that ass. Sucking on the pussy from the back. Harley Dean never had a big dick like this before. Were talking about a Monster Cock trying to fit in that tight Ebony pussy. I wonder how that's going to go. Only one way to find out. Enjoy!

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Duration: 32:02
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An Inconvenient Mistress

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Honey Gold, Jessica Drake, Morgan Lee, Eric Masterson, Isiah Maxwell
Genres: All Sex
Video language: English

When she overhears him talking about a stock that's going to make him a fortune she decides to get in on the action. Ryan's boss, Mr. Moore (Brad Armstrong) is furious when he hears of her involvement and the possibility of her putting their well-laid plans in jeopardy. Ryan tries to diffuse the situation but it's too late, the Securities Exchange Commission is investigating their Insider Trading and the shit is about to hit the fan. Now Ava's on the run and both the S.E.C. Agent's and Mr. Moore's hired man are hot on her trail. It's a game of cat & mouse as everything in Ava's life comes crashing down around her. This intriguing look into the dark world of finance will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very last frame. Skillfully written and directed, with incredible performances by drake, Driller, Armstrong and the rest of this amazing cast.

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Duration: 3:20:07
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Wins Brooke Marks – Sleep Creep

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

Brooke Marks needs to recharge her modeling batteries, so she requests a power nap from her photographer – the only stipulation is that Brooke needs the A/C on full blast to get restful sleep. Her photographer agrees, after all, who likes sleeping in a sweltering room with no air conditioning? Brooke adjusts the temperature controls and disappears into the bedroom for a power-hour nap.

Unbeknownst to poor Brooke, her photographer plots against her slumber for sinful reasons. Brooke falls into a serene sleep just in time for her photographer to adjust the thermostat to Amazonian heat levels.

As the temperature rises, Brooke’s nap becomes increasingly elusive, she strips off her light cotton lingerie in an effort to find relief from the heat. In her twilight conscious, she poses around the bed, moving covers and pillows in an effort to relax.

Brooke never manages to have a successful sleep, but you’ll enjoy plenty of gratuitous nude napping footage. Follow the camera into the room, between her sheets, and overhead as she sleeps – leading to fully exposed areas of Brooke’s stunning body.

uploader's description: Video starts with Brooke talking to the camera lady and going to sleep few moments after. camera lady rises fan temperature and proceeds to record brooke sleeping. Brooke starts to feel the hot temperature and removes her clothes until shes completely naked. Then brooke wakes up and complains about the temperature.

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Duration: 14:29
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4005kbps
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Phoebe – Her New Daddy 3.05.2017

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Phoebe
Genres: Rimming, Ass Eating, Blow Jobs, Ass Licking, Gagging, BBC, Petite, Cfnm, Facials, Face Slapping, Racial Humiliation, Ass
Video language: English

Phoebe's man just went to an emergency meeting to discuss how he's gonna deal with a black man who he recently got into a physical altercation with after a fender bender. "These are gettin outta hand and need to be dealt with,. especially with our new President in charge!" So he left Phoebe, or as he calls her, his littleall alone. What he doesn't know...is that the black man, pissed at the racist attitude he got from Phoebe's man, found out where Phoebe's man lived, and is breaking into his house to tear it up! As the black man is creeping through the house, he hears a voice: "What are you doing here? My daddy says N1GG3RS aren't allowed in my house." That voice belongs to Phoebe, who's dressed up in her favorite confederate flag t shirt! Phoebe's always heard from her man about how are animals who do bad things to little white girls...but her daddy never told her what those bad things were. Well, after being called a , the black intruder turns into AN ! He is about to show poor little Phoebe why her daddy doesn't want her talking to black boys! The masked negro punishes Phoebe with his , making it down her throat, face fucking her tiny white throat mercilessly, and when she can't take it! She's gonna become a whether she likes it or not! And another thing she's gonna do whether she likes it or not? ! The masked black man Phoebe to lick and clean his , making the precious white girl put her innocent tongue in places her wanted it to be! He would have a heart attack if he knew she was a ! Imagine how he would feel knowing she was !!! The masked man sits on her face, suffocating her in his black ass over and over again, slowly making the innocent white girl into ! After the black has had his way with Phoebe, he her to make him shoot black seed all over Phoebe's face, covering her in ! Much to her man's horror, Phoebe has been introduced to And....her man would if he heard this...but Phoebe kind of liked it! From now on, Phoebe has a new , one who's and than her pathetic biological white man!

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Duration: 44:11
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Blonde slut enjoys pleasuring her pregnant friend pussy

Studio: Heatwave
Cast: Renata, Viktoria
Genres: Blonde,Brunette, Lesbian, Pregnant, Masturbation
Video language: English

Talking about men makes those two nymphos very horny so no matter one of them is pregnant they do nice pussy licking and fingering. This time they did it on the sofa and as I can see, they had some great time, so sit back and join their party.

Format: mp4
Duration: 29:09
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