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Used and Abused

Release Year: 2015
Cast: Karla
Video language: English

Karla is just a horny little cock slut. She dressed up in her sluttiest outfit and called over her fuckbuddy to use and abuse all of her holes and thats exactly what he did. First, he took out the pussy pump and pumped her pussy while fingering and filling her asshole up with his meat! Every once in a while he’d take his dick out and shove it down her throat, making her choke and gag on it! He brutally face fucked her again and again, so much that tears and saliva were dripping down her face! When he took the pump off her pussy is it was swollen to hell! Finally he put Karla on his lap with his meatsicle in her already gaping ass and fucked it a little before skull fucking her again and unloading all of his cum into Karla’s dirty mouth! That’s what I call humiliation...

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Duration: 32:18
Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264), 5834kbps
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Bety – 57 years woman gyno exam

Cast: Bety
Genres: Older Grandma, Hairy Pussy, Piss, Pussy Closeups, Gyno Exam, Speculum,
Video language: English

Older grandma with unexpected nice and big natural tits and bushy hairy pussy. She run a juice
store. In her hairy pussy exam you will see: physical checkup, big natural tits checkup, glass thermometer, tits pump,
dildo therapy, speculum exam, hairy pussy streching, taking cervical and urinal sample for screening, vaginal enema
and more

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Duration: 24:53
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He Gonna Teach This Lil Blonde Girl Da Pump and Dump

Release Year: 2013
Cast: Abigaile Johnson
Genres: Interracial, sex, deep throat, creampie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary
Video language: English

Jason fucked us all up an now we all stuck inna bullshit DMV class wit some watery piece o' white meat.

We gonna teach dis lil blonde chick da pump an dump. Oh yeah. We jus hadda give dat cracker teach a lil lesson first and it all good. Truth.

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Duration: 32:39
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Sperm Covered Pumped Pussy

Release Year: 2011
Genres: fisting, masturabation, dildo/toys, shockin penetration
Video language: English

My partner and I thought we would have a little naughty fun on camera. We pumped up my pussy for over an hour and watched it grow into a huge, swollen cunt. It felt like having a nice creamy warm pillow between my legs. My pussy was throbbing and wanted to feel a cock sliding deep inside of it but first I needed to be worked on. I kept pumping my pussy harder and harder, feeling like I wanted to pee at that very moment. I decided to let go and piss right as I was pumping up my cunt. I continued to pump and received a nice ass fisting at the same time. One of my favorite things to do is get my partner all hot and hard with a blow job. I got that cock nice and slobbering wet to ease it right into my big pussy lips. My pussy was feeling so creamy that he couldn't help to pull out and cum all over my pussy lips. Feeling the cum drip off my sensitive pussy gave me the best naughty feeling!

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Duration: 15:09
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Pump Up The Nettle

Studio: QueenSnake
Video language: English

Queensnake's latest research on the potential health benefits of stinging nettle applied on inflated pussy lips.

Break Time

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Francys Belle, Lilith
Genres: Blonde, Brunette, Brazil, Close-up, Degustation, Dildo, Czech, Pissing, Piss in glass, Piss in mouth, Pussy wash, Shaved, Wet toy
Video language: English

We do love a lesbian pissing scene where blonde meets brunette here at VIPissy and today is no exception. Stunning blonde Lilith walks in on her girlfriend Francys Belle who is laying on the leather sofa. She tries to wake her unsuccessfully so starts to play with two cocktail glasses that are on the side table in an effort to stir her. Lilith is definitely in the mood for some fun and licks Francys pussy as she sits on the back of the sofa. Francys sprays Lilith's grey top with her golden piss, soaking it and this just turns Lilith on even more. Francys takes off her top and plays with her big boobs then lets gorgeous blonde Lilith tower over her while spraying golden showers! Both girls are nice and wet and get naked pretty quickly before using a pussy pump to catch more of Francys piss. Lilith pours the juicy golden pee into Francys mouth and down her naked body, drenching her even more in pee! Next up it is Lilith's turn and she starts to fill the pussy pump but instead of pouring it all down herself, she opts to juice her own piss, enjoying every mouthful! These horny girls continue with their lesbian pissing scene by toying a glass dildo and enjoying more pussy licking. Of course there is even more piss play involved as Francys bends over and sprays a messy stream of piss all over the leather sofa and into Lilith's hand! Lilith does one better as she lays back and fires a stream of pee right up into the air. Finally, these naughty girls catch their golden nectar in the cocktail glasses and pour their juices all over themselves!

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Hot girl pumped pussy

Release Year: 2015
Genres: fisting, masturbation, pumping
Video language: English

Demonstration vaginal pump in action. Full extreme !!! This you will never have seen !!!

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Jane – Best Scenes

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Jane
Video language: English

The scenario is simple - Jane with a blindfold, a little polesaw members waiting for komchatov grochala team. Glass Cup prepared beforehand so that the mystery was completely successful and all of the sperm was absorbed by Jane asistance methodically helps Jane opens her mouth, tilts his head, looks like sau cum in her mouth. Guys I can not wait for their turn to pump his seed in my mouth

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Duration: 41:47
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Victoria Puppy – 21 years girls gyno exam

Cast: Victoria Puppy
Genres: Pussy Gaping, Gyno Exam, Speculum, Close Ups
Video language: English

Petite blonde babe and university student Victoria Puppy went for regular pussy exam including medical treatments like vitals checkup, pussy stretching, rectal thermometer, dildo and pussy pump therapy, enema, anal suppository application, speculum exam, taking of an urinal sample, cervix and pussy closeups and more

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 30:42
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Pump Me First

Studio: Lava XXX
Video language: English

Maybe you should pump and milk my shaft before you’ll gonna suck it. If you wanna be fucked as a real slut, hard and perfect you should do that, just do not hesitate and your pussy will love it!

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