Alice Black Pregnant (2014)

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Alice is a dime as in 10 she is almost perfect even when she is pregnant matter of fact we can see her glowing now that she is pregnant, Alice is from ATL and proud to be a GA peach said after the pregnancy she will get a Peach on her ass! Alice was a popular girl in school she is tall her face/skin is flawless all the girls wanted to be friends with her and of course all the boys were dying to get some of her crazy wet squirting pussy rumors got around school about how wet she would get so every guy was trying to get some and when they did Alice says they became her slave her juices are so tasty and the aroma she puts out makes the man weak and submissive when she did give it up which she made them wait for it they would bust instantly especially when she squirted her hot cum/juice all over their dick then she would humiliate them and make them wait for a month before giving it up again which was why they probably busted instantly again maybe its the way she moans or maybe her face or the total package but Alice says she can never find a guy that can last and now that she is 8 months pregnant she is even hornier the actor who fucks her had to stop 16 times so he wouldn't bust Alice is amazing!!!!
the first time Alice had sex she was 13 and it was with her girlfriend she thinks it because her pussy smells so good her girlfriend just attacked her when the were at the pool!

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